Why engage a Landscape Architect?

Landscaping is an investment that can run in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. A Landscape Architect is university trained to design the most efficient use of outdoor spaces. Not only can you achieve a well designed, functional and aesthetic landscape, you can add value to your property. A US University study has found that landscaping is one of the only items in home construction that can result in a positive return on investment of more than 100%. The study concluded that 'homeowners wanting to increase the value of their property will do well to consider the cost-effective, return of quality landscaping, and to safeguard their investment by hiring licensed, professional landscape architects/contractors to perform the work.' This also applies to subdivision design with landscaped streets providing more attractive communities and yielding higher lot sales.


Our landscape team is lead by Registered Landscape Architect Kathryn Yigman. Kathryn has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Masters of Environmental Management. Through her understanding of the complex relationship between the natural and built landscapes she is able to produce highly efficient, well designed, sustainable places in both the public and private realm. Kathryn was the winner of the 2009 Namoi CMA sustainable garden competition.


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