WINNER 2018 Excellence in Sustainability

Presented by the Gunnedah Chamber of Commerce 10 August 2018

Cliff Stewart, Kathryn Yigman and Lincoln Stewart


Sustainable design is sometimes the tag people give to sound socially responsible and it is often not fully understood. At Stewart Surveys, we believe that an understanding of the complex integrated and dynamic nature of our natural systems is integral to understanding the potential environmental impacts of development. We guide our clients in developing appropriate mitigation measures to ensure all development abates any environmental impacts and results in a net positive environmental outcome which is balanced between the three key pillars of social expectation, the economy and the environment. We consider the appropriate use of materials to ensure higher energy efficiency, reduction of waste and use of recycled materials.


The local economy and our client base support a large range of commercial, agricultural, mining and industrial operations. Each of these sectors have the capacity to cause widespread environmental degradation. At Stewart Surveys, we believe we have both a personal and professional role to play in educating and offering our clients services which can enhance their local environment and provide long term sustainable outcomes.


Aiding our clients in providing sustainable design outcomes and land management protocols has a net community benefit and can result in economic and social benefits for the wider community through improved value in community assets, prolonged lifespan and enhanced natural resources.


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